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I Thought I Was Special (a WORK IN PROGRESS) Saturday 5/25 730PM

I Thought I Was Special (a WORK IN PROGRESS) Saturday 5/25 730PM

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Hey folks, been a minute...

In June I am doing my first ever solo show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It will be 9 one hour(ish) performances throughout the month, alongside over 100 other shows in dozens of Los Angeles theater spaces.

In preparation for that, I would like to do a test run of the material here in Reno to start getting a feel for the it in front of an audience other than my wonderful dog, Bodie. Bodie's the best, but he's not very discerning so it's not always easy to tell when things are landing. As far as the "Work in Progress" aspect of things- I want to be as open with you as possible that this likely not be a perfectly refined and polished show. I expect to be writing and rewriting the show, not just up until opening night of Fringe on June 7th, but throughout the month of shows in LA and beyond.

Heads up:

If you've come to any of the previous "Funny + Words in Reno" shows, there will be jokes you have heard before. If you've come to all of the previous shows, first of all, THANK YOU! Second, there will be a lot of jokes you've heard before. Maybe slightly shorter, maybe longer, maybe a bit different, maybe exactly the same, but I do want to be up front about that. There will also be plenty of stuff you haven't heard before- hence my wanting to get some reps in.

Yes, as always, there will be a cookie for everyone and, since our previous spot the Good Luck Macbeth Theater is all booked up this month, this show will be in what is, for us, a new location. We will be at the Bruka Theater at 99 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89501- a beautiful spot with a great intimate space for a show like this. There will be only 44 seats available so hopefully we can fill it up and have a great night. 

More about the show- here's how it's written up in the Hollywood Fringe Festival Guide so you know what you're getting into because, yes, it's mostly jokes. But not entirely. 

I Thought I Was Special:

It’s mostly jokes… mostly. Growing up with a bipolar father and a schizophrenic older brother left Aaron Foster with a combination of survivor’s guilt, depression and anxiety that has invalidated his every accomplishment, destroyed his every relationship and invaded his every waking thought. A comedy!

Here's a video to give you a little bit of an idea about what to expect if you've never seen me perform before.

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